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    Laboratory equipment series

    FLP multifunction fluidized bed granulator / pellet / coating machine


             Set spray drying granulation (top spray granulation) - fluidized coating (bottom spray coating function) - rotating pill (side spray) - drying. Top Spraying Bed: A standard fluidized bed hopper for dry granulation.
             Bottom Spray Bed: fountain-type fluidized bed with middle guide tube, regular flow fluidization, used for granule, pill and powder coating.
             Bed: a fixed stator and governor rotor, leaving a narrow gap between the stator and the rotor, the material into the container, due to the rotation of the rotor, the particles by the centrifugal force of the air buoyancy and its role in the formation of regular gravity rope Movement, resulting in the formation of each particle revolution and rotation, so that the surface compacted rubbing. Centrifugal turntable frequency conversion speed control, induced wind frequency control for workers to operate and make the pellets more uniform. The obtained pellets are more favorable for the uniformity of the coating film material, and the operation time of the coating film and the consumption amount of the coating film material are reduced.