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    Products for the industry

    Products for industry:

    1, school teaching, research institutions, research and development companies need small solid-state laboratory equipment.

    2, pharmaceutical, health products industry granules, tablets required for tablets, capsules of pellets, pellets slow release controlled release coating, enteric coating, stomach coating, mixing, crushing, drying.

    3, veterinary drugs, feed additives industry bitter bitter taste of antibiotics, enteric-coated microencapsulated coating, Chinese medicine moisture, bitter taste coating, micro-ecological heat-resistant coating, vitamin spherical particles, antioxidant coating, effervescent particles, acidifier , Globular particles of onion powder, spherical particles of natural pigment, anti-oxidation coating, spherical granules of traditional Chinese medicine, spherical granules of medicine, pressure of spherical particles of medicine, pressure of spherical granules of medicine, microcapsule of microelements, microencapsulation of enteric coating of methionine Tablets required particles.

    4, the food industry Chicken granulation, drying, sweeteners, flavors, spices, coffee, pigment, instant particles (or spherical).

    5, pesticide industry spherical, cylindrical WDG water dispersible granules, microencapsulated slow release controlled release coating, seed coating.

    6, pharmaceutical intermediates granulation, pellets, dry, such as tryptophan, leucine spherical particles, VB6 vitamins spherical particles, lipoic acid spherical particles (increased specific gravity).

    7, other industries: spherical particles of the catalyst, rare earth spherical particles, oil field auxiliary coating, ceramic industry granulation, abrasive industry super-refined oil stone granulation, cosmetic industry frosted spherical particles, microcapsule coating.